How to edit a .PDF files

PDF files so easy to edit that I don’t even know what to write about. You just open the file and edit the fields and save. That’s all! 🙂
Anyway I decided to write this guide and answer some questions about my .PDF files. The same information but in a brief form can be found in our illustrated manual  “Step by Step

Step 1 – Unpack your .zip archive

If you do not have an archiver, you can download it for free, for example

Step 2 – Open the file in Adobe Reader

Open the file in Adobe Reader, not Adobe Acrobat! That’s Important. If you don’t have Adobe Reader, you can download it for free from the official website:
Free version has limited functionality, but this is enough to edit .PDF files.

Step 3 – Edit your .PDF

When you open the file you will see highlighted text. You can edit these text fields. Blue highlighting will not appear when you print, you can see it only in the editor.

At the top of the program you will find a toolbar. Choose “arrow” to edit the text.

Extended .PDF forms

Advanced settings allow you change the font, color, paragraph formatting, etc.
To see the panel for advanced editing, press CTRL + E (Windows) or CMD + E (MAC) on the keyboard.

Multiple Cards On One Sheet

To edit a page for home printing, where placed several cards on a sheet, you just need to edit one of them, the other cards will automatically accept the changes.

Step 4 – Save your .PDF –

Cick “File” –> “Save As…” and select the place where you want to save the file. I recommend save the file under a new name so that you always have the original version.

Step 5 – Conversion –

Some online printing services do not display text inside the editable .PDF fields, such as VistaPrint. You may also just need a file in the format .JPG, therefore here is a brief instruction on how you can convert your file. Open the site:

Done! Now you can printing.

If you print at home, please don’t forget to enable “borderless printing” in the settings of your printer (or software to operate the printer) because otherwise part of the design may be cropped.
Also, always choose the best quality printing for cards where there are small details (text, thin line, etc.)

Duplex Printing

If your printer does not support duplex printing, you can do the following:
Print the sheets, then paste them back into the printer and print the back side. Depending on the type of paper feed of your printer (the bottom tray or top) you will need to flip the sheets. If you’re printing designs that are located in the landscape orientation, then before printing you should turn the sheet in adobe reader.


I also recommend to choose the right paper.
For example for business cards, invitations, loyalty cards – choose paper 80 lb & 100 lb cover weight.

To cut the printed sheet you need to find the crop marks place a ruler (preferably iron) and cut the sheet using the cutter or scalpel for paper.
A special cutting mat will also help to facilitate the process.

That’s all. I will try to tell more about this in future articles.
If you have any questions, you can ask them here in the comments.

Good luck!

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